Patterdale C of E Primary School

Achieving The Best Together


There's never a dull moment here at Patterdale CofE Primary School, and to prove it here's a few photos showing what our pupils have been up to! 

Year 5 loved the Science Day at UCC! (June 2022)

Our Amazing School Cook, Lorraine, hard at work! (June 2022)

Making 140 scones for the afternoon tea! (May 2022)

Setting up for the Jubilee Tea! (May 2022)

It was great having the parents back in school for the Jubilee Afternoon Tea! (May 2022)

Lorraine got a surprise birthday present, it was very hard to wrap, baaaaaa! (May 2022)

Junior rounders tournament at Penruddock (May 2022)

Wheelchair Basketball was AWESOME! (May 2022)

All of the children went out for ice cream at Side Farm, lucky things!

...they had a lovely walk to the lake...

... played Pooh Sticks on the journey...

... and then enjoyed a fabtastic outside lunch! (May 2022)

Reception & Year 1 combined RE & DT to build a 'special place', their home! (May 2022)

Scooter School! (May 2022)

Our first session on the brand new tennis/basketball/netball courts at Patterdale! (April 2022)

The Year 1 & 3s loved their morning on the lake, canoeing with the fabtastic team at Patterdale Hall (April 2022)

As part of the QEGS Reading Project the Year 5's enjoyed a visit to the Grammar and met Alex Mullarky, author of The Sky Beneath the Stone! (April 2022)

...and whilst the Year 5's enjoyed their day out at QEGS, the rest of the school worked collaboratively to create a picture of the Earth from ... well... anything they could find! (Apr 2022)

Cricket class! (April 2022)

Miss Reay's class made their own Easter gardens from items in the classroom! (March 2022)

The winner of the Inn on the Lake's Easter Egg decoration competition!

Our Spring Term reading prize winner loved her day out with her family at Treetop Nets! (March 2022)

Our very own Easter chicks! (March 2022)

Easter Egg Hunt! (March 2022)

Our juniors had a great time at the Eden Rock bouldering competition! (March 2022)

What do you get if you cross World Book Day with Karate Club? Well.... this! (March 2022)

Skelton Sevens Netball & Football Competition! (March 2022)

Experimenting with light! (March 2022)

Junior class independent Collective Worship - our juniors performed five minute informative talks on topics such as 'Ramadan' and 'Justice' (March 2022)

World Book Day 2022 (March 2022)

Pancake Day in Miss Reay's Class! (March 2022)

Red Nose Day! (March 2022)

Ukraine Day blue and yellow fundraiser, we raised £220! (March 2022)

Science experiments with Miss Reay (March 2022)

Forest School Shenanigans! (March 2022)

Junior astronaut training!

The proud winner of our Reading Competition! Thank you Treetop Treks for the voucher! (Feb 2022)

Awesome Artwork! (Feb 2022)

Brilliant Biking! (Feb 2022)

Karate Kids! (Feb 2022)

Culinary Creativity! (Feb 2022)

Years 4 & 5 creative writing adventure at Long Meg & Little Meg stone circles! (Jan 2022)

Years 4 & 5 Cookery with Miss Kendall (Jan 2022)

The juniors get all dramatic! (Jan 2022)

There's no business like snow business! (Jan 2022)

Mrs Simpson's Class - WW2 Blitz pictures (Dec 2021)

Years 4 & 5 salute you! (Dec 2021)

Christmas party games! (Dec 2021)

Santa came to our Christmas party! (Dec 2021)

Our Christmas play 'Don't be Afraid' is done & dusted! (Dec 2021)

Bake off! The children's entries into QEGS' German Baking Comp were fabtastic! (Dec 2021)

Making bird feeders with Miss Reay! (Dec 2021)

Learning about the Posada celebration! (Dec 2021)

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting (Dec 2021)