Patterdale C of E Primary School

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Religious Education

We follow the Diocesan Guidelines for teaching religious education. It follows a broadly Christian commitment. In addition we also investigate aspects of Judaism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. We also study a broad range of religious festivals. The school is a Church of England Primary School. The Trust Deed for the teaching of  religious education and worship will meet the needs of the children of the Parish of Patterdale, stating that they are to be taught the principles and practice of the Church of England (dated 18th June 1872). A copy of the school’s policy on religious education can be seen at school. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and Worship.

Collective Worship

An act of Collective Worship takes place each day for the whole school. It is a special time in which children have an opportunity to reflect, share thoughts, listen and learn about a variety of issues. They include an element of  worship; prayer, song, listening to music or silent contemplation. Parents may withdraw children from Collective Worship time, if they feel that this would be appropriate; please speak to the head teacher.



Our Christian Values

Our School Prayer

Rev. Morris reads to the EYFS class! (Dec 2021)

Learning about the Posada celebration (Dec 2021)

Creating our Thankful Tree (Dec 2021)

Learning about the Nativity at St Patrick's Church (Dec 2021)

The children really enjoy Collective Worship with Rev. Tim Cooke and Tracey! (Nov 2021)

Our Reception class visited St Patricks Church for the Harvest Festival (Oct 2021)

The whole school visited St Patrick's Church as part of the 'Caring for God's Acre' project to study wildlife in churchyards (July 2021)