Patterdale C of E Primary School

Achieving The Best Together

School Values

Our School Aims


We want our children to achieve the best together, and:


1. be confident in:

-  being themselves.

-  social situations.

-  what they have learnt.

-  their role in the community near and far

-  physical and sporting activity.

2. be safe, happy and fulfilled

3. have a sense of right and wrong, being polite, honest and showing respect and care for others.

4. have the academic skills needed to move onto the next stage in their education.

5. have enquiring minds to be self-motivated and learn  independently.

6. be healthy and fit and to know how to stay that way.

7. have an appreciation of Christianity and other faiths and beliefs.

8. learn how to look after their environment local and global..

9. have happy memories of Patterdale School.


In May 2021 the children were asked what the school means to them and they produced a list of eighty different words which, through discussion, was reduced down to the eight key value words that scroll on our home screen. These are...


CREATIVE             POSITIVE              LOVE                INCLUSIVE   

FAMILY            HAPPY           ADVENTUROUS         DETERMINED