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Our Literacy, English and Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum


Speaking and Listening

This is an integral part of all areas of the curriculum. There are four main aspects of speaking and listening:


  • Speaking, being able to speak clearly and to develop and sustain ideas in talk;
  • Listening, developing active listening strategies and critical skills of analysis;
  • Group discussion and interaction, taking different roles in groups, making a range of contributions and working collaboratively;
  • Drama and improvising and working in role, scripting and performing and responding to performances.



In order to become successful readers children need to use a range of strategies in different ways throughout the curriculum. Some of the strategies are:


  • Learning to discriminate between separate sounds in words (phonics) – this is broadly based on letters and sounds using a variety of reading schemes but mainly Phonics Bug;
  • Learning the letters and letter combinations most commonly used to spell these sounds;
  • To read words by sounding out and blending their separate parts;
  • To use the context and grammar to suggest an appropriate word.


There will be a balanced programme of guided, independent and shared reading using interesting and challenging texts. We promote reading for enjoyment both at home and school.


Writing (including spelling and handwriting)

Writing is closely related to reading—the two activities reinforce each other, therefore the strategies used in reading are equally important in writing. We teach the children the specific skills necessary to become competent, accurate writers. They are taught sentence structure and punctuation, grammar and word work, handwriting and how to construct longer pieces of writing. We always try to give the children a purpose for their writing, such as creating booklets, play scripts, stories for other children and information texts. An integral part of writing is spelling; this is taught separately and specifically as well as within writing sessions.


Sometimes children are asked to reinforce their spelling work at home. Good presentation of writing and letter formation is emphasised at all times, but is also taught in specific lessons. Children are made aware of what they need to do to improve their writing. They are taught to use the internet to research information within a safe environment and use Super Clubs+ for email which has a very good reputation for keeping children safe—any bad language, cyber-bullying and other inappropriate behaviour is immediately withdrawn by the ’gate keepers’.


Modern Foreign Languages

Children are taught French in Key Stages 1 and 2. The focus is on spoken language.


To view the current term’s curriculum or to see relevant web resources please visit the curriculum page on this website.

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