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Our History Curriculum

Patterdale C of E School aims to develop historical skills and concepts which are transferable to whatever period of history is being studied and will equip children for future learning. These key historical skills and concepts, which are revisited throughout different topics, are: Historical Interpretations; Historical Investigations; Chronological Understanding; Knowledge and Understanding of Events, People and Changes in the Past; Presenting, Organising and Communicating.


The coverage of recent history in KS1 such as ‘Travel and Transport’ enables children to acquire an understanding of time, events and people in their memory and their parents’ and grandparents’ memories.


The intent in lower KS2 is that children can work in chronological order from ancient history such as ‘Ancient Egypt’ and then progress onto more modern history such as ‘The Railways’.


Upper KS2 allows children to repeat and embed this sequence of chronology with a wider selection of ancient history such as ‘Stone Age’ through to more modern history such as ‘World War II’. The repeat in KS2 of chronological order from ancient to modern allows for children to truly develop and embed a sense of time and how civilisations were interconnected. Children start to understand how some historical events occurred concurrently in different locations, e.g. Ancient Egypt and the Stone Age.


History Progression Map

Our Juniors recently studied WW2 and brought in family heirlooms!

Junior class re-enacting WW2 air battles during break time!